ECAASU Social Innovation Ideathon

In the 2020 ECAASU Conference, we will be having ECAASU’s first ever Social Innovation Ideathon! The Social Innovation Ideathon is an opportunity for participants to develop sustainable and feasible ideas to improve society by connecting teams of conference attendees with various prompts and social issues to work on relevant issues.

The prompts will point out an existing predicament in our society and will be given in three categories: Civic Engagement, Deportation, and Media Representation. The winning team(s) will win prizes, as well as get a chance to propose their solutions to sponsors.

Case Winners: $90 Cash + Recognition Certificate

SEARAC's Choice: $90 + Recognition Certificate

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Ideathon Cases

Deportation, Detention, and Devastation

Tens of thousands of Southeast Asian Americans live everyday with the fear of being deported. The repercussions of deportation are far-reaching, with implications in an individual’s mental, social and economic well-being as well as in the lives of one’s family and community. In this prompt, you must create a plan of action to help a deportee cope with and prepare for his inevitable departure.

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Sparking Change: Promoting Civic Engagement

Historically, there has been little civic engagement among Asian American communities. Increasing civic engagement, specifically in regards to census and voter participation, are vital aspects in fostering further sociopolitical development of individuals. In this prompt, you are challenged to create a plan that incentivizes, motivates, and liberates the residents in a local town to spark necessary civic change.

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An Unexpected Platform for Change

With the rise of Korean pop culture in Western society, the lines between appreciation and appropriation are becoming increasingly blurred. In this prompt, you must address issues like fetishization and stereotyping of Asians (and by extension, Asian Americans) in the media and how to utilize these platforms of representation.

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What is the format for the Social Innovation Ideathon?

The Social Innovation Ideathon will present a prompt, or problem presented as a case study, relating to relevant AAPI issues to improve society. Teams will have the chance to propose and submit a solution to the prompt within a given time period. After all proposals have been submitted, a team of judges will review each submission and determine the winners, whom will be awarded during the closing ceremony.

What are the size of teams?

Teams will consist of three (3) to five (5) individuals.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, there is no coding experience needed. The event will present prompts regarding Asian American issues, and participants only need to brainstorm possible solutions for the issues.

What should the format be for our proposals or final submissions?

The final submission should be in the form of a 3-page document. However, you are free to use any combination of text and graphics, or other communication forms of your choice.

What information would the prompt contain?

There will be three prompts for participants to choose from; each team can address any one of these topics in any form they choose. Each prompt will contain a scenario based on real-life occurrences, and the concluding paragraph will pose a question for each team to respond to. An appendix that includes background information regarding the issue addressed will be included in the pages after the prompt, as well as a directory of sources.

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