Conference Directors
Jeremy Xue's Photo

Jeremy Xue

Executive Co-Director
Theresa Lim's Photo

Theresa Lim

Executive Co-Director
Velisa Li's Photo

Velisa Li

Programming Co-Director
Anna Tran's Photo

Anna Tran

Programming Co-Director
Katherine Yang's Photo

Katherine Yang

Logistics Director
Vicky Liang's Photo

Vicky Liang

Marketing and Outreach Director
Angeline Peng's Photo

Angeline Peng

Finance Director
Marketing and Outreach Team
Renee Nikolov's Photo

Renee Nikolov

Vicky Zhou's Photo

Vicky Zhou

Alex McDonough's Photo

Alex McDonough

Andey Ng's Photo

Andey Ng

Yoonyoung Kim's Photo

Yoonyoung Kim

Tiffany Liu's Photo

Tiffany Liu

Shannon Lu's Photo

Shannon Lu

Sean Park's Photo

Sean Park

Catherine Du's Photo

Catherine Du

Steph Cui's Photo

Steph Cui

Justin Wang's Photo

Justin Wang

Mia Lei's Photo

Mia Lei

Rie Ohta's Photo

Rie Ohta

Finance Team
Jeana Lee's Photo

Jeana Lee

Tao Sheng's Photo

Tao Sheng

Jenny Zhang's Photo

Jenny Zhang

Stephanie Tseng's Photo

Stephanie Tseng

Michelle Wong's Photo

Michelle Wong

Programming Team
Bradley Zhou's Photo

Bradley Zhou

Bea Fadrigon's Photo

Bea Fadrigon

Jeffrey Chiu's Photo

Jeffrey Chiu

Jesper Chen's Photo

Jesper Chen

Kaylie Wu's Photo

Kaylie Wu

Kruthika Doreswamy's Photo

Kruthika Doreswamy

Rebecca Chen's Photo

Rebecca Chen

Franchesca Inay's Photo

Franchesca Inay

Stephanie Wang's Photo

Stephanie Wang